Feedback and Reviews

Feedback & Reviews

Here are what some of my clients and students have said about me and the service I provide both as an individual practitioner and as a teacher:





Life Changing is probably the best way I can describe the effects of my healing session with Mayella. I didn’t know what to expect from this experience at all but all I knew was that I needed some assistance in the healing process of something, but little did I know that this one session with Mayella would actually banish and at least settle it completely. When I realised that in this session the thing that so badly affected me in the last decade was about to be ended, I felt very emotional, in the best way. Mayella I would say has a real gift in knowing exactly what needs to be worked on and her connection to Source is evidently clear, strong and purposeful. The process is most certainly a journey because when you think you’re touching upon one thing; if it doesn’t sit right with Mayella in her intuition, she will know what to do next and we would work through whatever she is being shown and Mayella was right on the money at every stage. Thanks to Mayella I feel the best, most centred and balanced I’ve felt, maybe ever. The one thing that needed to be released, settled, removed has been and I have been restored. I can’t thank her enough. I would recommend absolutely anybody to see Mayella, who is a QUALITY energy healer and all round lovely person. Thank you Mayella, god bless you for what you have done.

Chantal Jameson

Mayella, I really wish to thank you for all the care, guidance, patience and love you have shown! It has been (and will be!) a pleasure working together. Your teaching method is incredible and after each course I felt the whole group bonding for the rest of our lives. I liked how always you showed us different angles of looking at Theta… through your experience. Thank you for bringing this magnificent technique to life for me!
Silviya, London

Mayella is a Master facilitator! She creates a place of safety for people to explore their lives, and get clarity about what they really want from Life!  The course was run with the deepest respect for each participant’s understanding and experience of life.  Everyone felt heard and acknowledged, therefore felt safe and empowered to really take a look at themselves and make decisions and changes that will give them what they want and need in their lives.
Heleni Achilleos, Storyteller

Mayella is one of those bright mirrors in searching for self-truth.  Mayella’s healing at this fundamental level is with a lightness of ‘touch’ and lack of judgement.  Almost miraculously in the weeks thereafter one’s life begins unfolding in new ways.
Naomi West

“Really enjoyed it.  Liked the pace and very clear and well thought through presentation and facilitation.  Mayella – Honest, genuine, skilled, responsive.
Paul Croal

Lovely down to earth energy, made us feel very welcome.
Karen Audin

I love the way Mayella’s teaching is so crystal clear and she is always so present and supportive as well as funny. I feel like today’s course has cleared major major stuff for me and I have also learnt so much from Mayella. It couldn’t have been a better learning day than it has been. Thank you so much.
Sofia D