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Mayella hosts a number of workshops throughout the year.

You will find a summary of each workshop below, along with a link to further details and how to book.

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Re-Aligning With Source  

New for 2021!

Are you intuitive? Do you sense, in some way, a connection with your soul (or maybe you call it something else) and want to trust this connection more oe maybe you just want to begin developing it?

In this 2 day course, Mayella will guide you through a process where you will uncover the blocks and beliefs that are in the way of you taking responsibility for, that is to say owning, your own connection to Source energy.  A connection that is already always there, yet often we struggle to identify what it looks and feels like.

Mayella will be bringing her 20+ years of experience working with Source energy, to guide you to learn:-

  • A powerful connection to Source / the Divine …

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The Relationship Dance

A powerful opportunity to clear the way to accepting love and magical relationships in your life.  This workshop is enlightening, challenging and fun, where you will uncover the beliefs that are blocking you from attracting the right relationships to you – whether they be for fun, work or your soul mates.  Then we will change your negative beliefs, clear those blocks and you will receive new affirmative beliefs and feelings. 

Drawing from my life experiences, using my coaching and facilitation skills, I will guide you gently through the process of creating a new ease, joy and power with the dance of being in relationship.

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Complete Create

I created the Complete-Create experience as a one day workshop over a decade ago, to provide a short but powerful kick-start to help people create space in their “life wardrobe” by instantly clearing out the clutter left from painful, traumatic or simply unfinished business in their life.

We start the focus of the workshop around completion of your past year in order to propel you into your dreams and desires for the next year and beyond, however, it never ceases to amaze me the unexpected things that come up during this intense day!

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Feedback & Reviews

Here are a selection of testimonials from some of my clients and students regarding me and the service I provide, both as an individual practitioner and as a teacher:




Mayella, I really wish to thank you for all the care, guidance, patience and love you have shown! It has been (and will be!) a pleasure working together. Your teaching method is incredible and after each course I felt the whole group bonding for the rest of our lives. I liked how always you showed us different angles of looking at Theta… through your experience. Thank you for bringing this magnificent technique to life for me!
Silviya, London

Mayella is a Master facilitator! She creates a place of safety for people to explore their lives, and get clarity about what they really want from Life!  The course was run with the deepest respect for each participant’s understanding and experience of life.  Everyone felt heard and acknowledged, therefore felt safe and empowered to really take a look at themselves and make decisions and changes that will give them what they want and need in their lives.
Heleni Achilleos, Storyteller

“Really enjoyed it.  Liked the pace and very clear and well thought through presentation and facilitation.  Mayella – Honest, genuine, skilled, responsive.
Paul Croal

Lovely down to earth energy, made us feel very welcome.
Karen Audin

I love the way Mayella’s teaching is so crystal clear and she is always so present and supportive as well as funny. I feel like today’s course has cleared major major stuff for me and I have also learnt so much from Mayella. It couldn’t have been a better learning day than it has been. Thank you so much.
Sofia D

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