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In the meantime, please take time to consider your question and here is a reminder of what to consider.

Guidance on Asking Your Question:

The question that you ask must be important to you and it must also require more than a yes or no answer.

Consider the specific issue you have, and think about how you would phrase a question around the issue, the answer to which would give you both a strong overview as well as some detail.

When you are considering the question, look to see if you already know the answer but are avoiding it or just scared of what may happen if you acknowledge it – this of course will give you a different question to ask me.

Ask yourself ‘given the issue I’m dealing with, what’s the best way to ask the question?’  then once you have that answer, sit down and close your eyes.  Take your awareness to your heart (you may want to place your hand on your heart when you do this) and then take a couple of deep slow breaths, so you feel relaxed and yet aware. Now ask your heart, ‘what is it I really want to know with regard to this issue?’

You will likely end up with one of the following:

  • One very clear question – which you can email to me
  • Two different questions – so you can choose which one to ask, or see if they will combine to make one question – and then email me
  • Confusion – you’re left with not really connecting to your heart, not sure what you’re getting, and just want some help! – in this case email me your initial question.

Emailing Your Question:

Email your question to

When you email me with the question, put in the subject line – ‘OneQ’ Give me a couple of relevant facts but keep the story to a minimum (no more than 2-3 sentences).  It seems the less story I have, the better I do!

Here are a few examples of possible questions:

  • What could be my block to having a regular income / being financially abundant?
  • What is your guidance on why I always procrastinate?
  • What could be in my way to finding a partner?

The Response to Your Question:

You will receive a written answer via email to your question within 48 hours.