Own Your Connection To Source Energy

Re-Aligning With Source Workshop

What is our connection to Source energy?

What is our purpose of developing this connection?


Are you intuitive? Do you sense, in some way, a connection with your Soul (or maybe you call it something else) and want to trust this connection more or maybe you just want to begin to start developing it?

In this 2 day course, Mayella will guide you through a process where you will uncover the blocks and beliefs that are in the way of you taking responsibility for, that is to say owning, your own connection to Source energy.  A connection that is already always there, yet often we struggle to identify what it looks and feels like.

Most of us have things we want from our life, ways we want to live in the world, desires for our lifestyle, however, our fears, limiting emotions and things we can’t even identify, get in the way, blocks that stop us living a more wonderful and satisfying life.

Mayella will be bringing her 20+ years of experience working with Source energy, to guide you to learn:-

  • how to identify our connection to Source;
  • how to communicate in that connection;
  • what that connection feels like;
  • how do you ‘sense’ it;
  • what’s possible when the connection is made and is clear;
  • how to trust that connection,

and much more.

This course is for your own personal development and use in everyday life.  It is also for you if you are a healing practitioner, a therapist, a coach or anyone who works in a more intuitive way, to complement your existing therapy or tools, and use with your own clients.

We will be exploring and expanding:

  • A powerful connection to Source / the Divine
  • Communication with Self / Source
  • The vastness of all that you are
  • The realm of possibilities for you to create
  • Your awareness of the breadth of the field of interconnectedness
  • The joy and unconditional love that is your Source

Through exploring these aspects of connection to Source you will learn:

  • how to uncover limiting beliefs, change them and download new beliefs for yourself and others
  • how to find and clear energetic blocks
  • how to find and clear stuck or frozen energy

Workshop Details and How To Join

The course consists of 8 – 9 hours of training spread over 2 days, 4.5 hours per day, on Zoom.

This course is limited to a maximum of 6 attendees – this ensures that there is plenty of time to focus on each attendee, looking at their own particular blocks and beliefs. The group format is also one of Mayella’s favourites as the power of the group experience always intensifies and expands the whole healing experience.

Your investment in this course also includes a free one to one session with Mayella following the end of the training.

The investment for the course is £320.00

Once you’ve registered Mayella will contact you to arrange a 15 minute conversation as preparation for the course.

Reserve Your Place On A Workshop

To secure your place on one of the workshops please complete the form, stating which workshop you would like to attend and the best way and time to contact you. I look forward to speaking with you soon.