When I first used the name Purple Pathway, I created it with the sub text of – Peace in Your World – by which I meant that the work I wanted to do, and did do, came from the intention of facilitating you to create peace in your own world.  I believe that is what I’m doing now, although I don’t articulate it that way because it sounds a bit pretentious!

What I do now, under the banner of Purple Pathway, is to facilitate people to get beyond victimhood – of any kind – to get beyond their stuck-ness, whether it’s to step over it, around it, sit with it, or blast through it.

I love the name Purple Pathway!  It came to me in 2000 during a dream, at a time when I had just started my own business as a personal coach.  I took the idea to a local printers and told the young lady behind the counter what I wanted – a purple pathway and she drew it and it was done!  It was very simple.

In 2008 I discovered Theta Healing and created World of Theta and continued to use that as my business name and website, until I decided to stop teaching Theta Healing in 2017.  Thereafter I spent a long time wondering what to call my business and what to call myself – around the same time my husband and I had decided to separate, amicably – we’re still friends.  I explored my maiden name, my mother’s middle name as my new surname and business name – I got confused and frustrated.

All the while I was using Purple Pathway in the background as the name for my tax accounts and files on my computer.  For whatever reason, I obviously needed to go through the frustration of looking – even though a very good friend of mine did suggest I use Purple Pathway, but it was one of those times where I wouldn’t be told – I had to squeeze it out myself!

Then at the end of January 2018 I got it, very clearly, Purple Pathway it is.

One of the modalities I’ve learnt over the years is called ‘Soul Plan’ which gives you your life’s challenges, talents, goals and soul destiny – this is worked out from your birth name.  Once that’s done you can overlay a business name and see how that harmonises with your personal name, or not.

Purple Pathway is a perfect matching frequency of vibration to my birth name.

What Purple Pathway means for me now is, I see it as standing for anyone’s pathway that comes to work with me, as I guide you to know and understand your own pathway, to get on it and stay with it.

I’m sure there could be many different interpretations of the purple pathway, but in short, I just love it – it feels right and it works for me and that’s why I use it.